PVC Waterproofing

PVC Waterproofing in Melbourne

At Austin Waterproofing, we can provide a PVC waterproofing membrane sheet made from strong yet flexible polyvinylchloride. This modern roofing material is a high-tech solution that protects flat roofs. Our highly trained and experienced team use specialised equipment to get the job done even when weather conditions are wet and frosty. Whether you need PVC sheet waterproofing for brand new buildings or you want to update your existing system, we’ve got you covered.

The Benefits of PVC Waterproofing

A PVC waterproof sheet offers various benefits that elevate it above bituminous materials. This includes:

  • Excellent durability and tensile strength that can withstand heavy loads
  • Resistant to precipitation, oxidation, structural movements, wind loads, atmospheric elements, chemicals, UV radiation, high temperatures, punctures and impacts
  • Vapour permeability of the material allows moisture to escape the roof space, preventing the insulation from getting wet and sustaining damage
  • Long service life, averaging 30 years and lasting for up to 50 years with no loss of quality
  • Simple to install, with various attachment methods able to be used
  • Easy to repair or replace when damage occurs

In addition, a PVC sheet membrane for waterproofing is available in a wide range of colours. This means you can select an option that suits your personal preferences and install a sheet membrane waterproofing system that looks as good as it functions.

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