Basement Waterproofing


Austin Waterproofing offers professional basement waterproofing to Melbourne homeowners wanting a long-lasting solution to protecting their property from moisture damage.

When the soil around your home retains ground water, this water can sometimes build up to a level that creates hydrostatic pressure against the walls and under the floors of your basement. This pressure can then push the water in through cracks and other openings, eventually causing significant structural damage to your foundation walls.

The infiltration of water may also cause mould, decay and other moisture-related damage that can end up costing a lot of money – and a whole lot of hassle – to repair.


At Austin Waterproofing, we offer a range of services for basement waterproofing, including installation, crack repairs and leak detection. Whether you’re building a new home or need repairs to your existing basement waterproof treatment, you can trust our Melbourne team for peace of mind on long-lasting protection.

Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our team uses only the best materials to create an impenetrable layer of waterproof protection for your sub-floor structures to ensure you avoid costly damage in the future. And because we believe in the standard of our service, all of our work is backed by a written guarantee for seven years.

For more information on our capabilities for basement waterproofing in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From the basement to the rooftop, we have you covered for all your waterproofing needs.

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