Ravenhill Balcony

Ravenhill Balcony

Essendon Rooftop & Planter Box Waterproofing


Ravenhill Homes

Requirements for Ravenhill

Rooftop & planter box waterproofing to areas that are directly over the main bedroom, bathroom & living areas below. Areas this big receives a lot of water so ensuring the watertightness is of the upmost importance. Again meeting with the builder before starting the job helped out as we able to sort through any issues that may arise. We recommend on areas like this we recommend that 2 separate layers of waterproofing are installed to assist with the longevity of the structure.

Works Carried Out

Onto structure –

Tremco “3300” self-adhesive sheet membrane system including all necessary primers, mastic & flashings installed to the concrete structure.

Onto screed –

Tremco “Non-exposed’ polyurethane membrane system including primers, sealants required.

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